Weekend Diversion: Happy Halloween 2009!

Here is your king's scepter, and here is your kingdom, with the scorpion, the cobra, and the lizard for subjects. Free them if you will. Leave the slaves to me. --Ramses, in The Ten Commandments

This year, I went as Pharaoh Ramses II, as played by Yul Brynner (above and below).

Well, this is my take on it!

Even Moses couldn't resist having his picture taken with me.

So Happy Halloween to all of you, and I hope you enjoy the new profile photo!

What do you all say? Should we have a Halloween Costume Contest next year?

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Dude, that is awesome, i can't believe this, as I am a long haired hippy myself, but you look good. The head works.

Sounds like Joel is onto you.

Went as Moses, myself, once. Took the liberty of using the laws of thermodynamics instead. I didn't look that good either.

The idea for this costume came about 3 weeks after the charity challenge ended. When I saw myself bald I said, "You know who has the same shaped head as me?" And then it was only a question of which Yul Brynner character to go as.

Awesome costume. You're infinitely hotter than Yul Brynner! :P

All I have to say is thank you for removing that ridiculous profile photo in American Gladiators garb. Again, can't thank you enough for taking that down. Really.

By random person (not verified) on 02 Nov 2009 #permalink

May I have the 3rd. pic with a bigger resolution? (If possible with no clothes on, but the other way it's all right.)

Wendy, you might say Yul Brynner is a class M star to Ethan's class O.
*giggles nerdishly*

Although these images shock my stereotypes. I didn't know astronomers could have such big muscles!

By Rory Kent (not verified) on 02 Nov 2009 #permalink

Ok. You've got the look down but how well do you deliver your lines? And can you sing and dance?

@Rory: if you want to have sterotyes broken, check out Brian Cox:


he was a rockstar and now is a professor of physics and works on the LHC. he was recently on The Colbert Report too:


if *that* ain't sterotype crushing enough for you, People magazine has him as one of the sexiest men in the world:



JAJAJA Oh my god, well, definetelly i prefer to Yul Brynner, but you are very brave because that character only can be played for a one man: Yul Brynner, I said that because I LOVE RAMSES II, well, don´t worry, good custom.

See you or read you.

PS: If you don´t understand me good is because I don´t speaking english and not write.

dude! wasn't the original Ramses a black dude - 100 years from now, someone is going to convince us that womenizer tiger woods is white and so the socialist NObama - c'mon dude!! leave the black kings to the africans

so what he was African mr. barca? we can't portray him? awesome costume though...bet you got all the females-