Weekendday Diversion: Happy Halloween, 2011 edition!

"I'm the best there is at what I do, but what I do best isn't very nice." -Wolverine

For those of you who thought long and hard about the song I gave you yesterday, perhaps you anticipated that there might have been a connection to this years costume. It's a little tenuous, but this year? The choice was obvious for me.

Image credit: The Complete Hugh Jackman Workout.

That's right, Hugh Jackman's portrayal of Wolverine. As is always the case on Halloween, I've been spending the day terrorizing my local city.

And after trying out a number of styles, I think I got my facial hair just right for the part.

Yes, that's my real mustache, and yes, my beard is much longer than it looks. (It's amazing what you can do once it's long enough to slide over your ears!)

So eat your heart out, Hugh Jackman.

And of course -- as you may already have noticed -- it's time to update my profile photo's hello to the world. It was a tough decision between the photos above and a crop of the one below, but I think I made the right call.

And so, it's goodbye to Randy Savage and hello to Wolverine!

Happy Halloween, world, and get ready for another year of Starts With A Bang!

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Ethan, I like your sense of seriousness, silliness and just keeping a sane and fun perspective.

Is that a belt buckle flask?!?

So, there is no astronomical reason for the SWAB new year to occur on Haloween, other than the love of dressing up and changing your profile pic? I think that is awesome.

For what it's worth, not only is Aquanerd totally on point, this Halloween marks the first time all year that I've worn jeans instead of a kilt for all non-lawnmowing-related purposes.

If Hugh Jackson dies in the next 365 days, does that make Ethan's Halloween costumes cursed?

"If Hugh Jackson dies in the next 365 days, does that make Ethan's Halloween costumes cursed?"

Only if he fails to wear them, all day, everyday (24/7).

By Jack Dawe (not verified) on 01 Nov 2011 #permalink

I suppose this belongs in a cryptozoology blog, but how does Wolverine bend his wrists when his claws retract?