Getting kids into the Earth Sciences - last call for Donors Choose challenge

The DonorsChoose social media challenge ends tomorrow at the end of next week. Rumor has it that HP has a large pot of money (like $200,000) to split amongst the groups that raised at least 1% of the total... and they'll split the money at the end of the day tomorrow. If we raised that 1% of the total, HP would donate another $2000 towards the projects that we suggest. As of tonight, the Geobloggers challenge has raised $2215. The total amount raised, amongst all the bloggers and tweeters and others, is $282,116. So we're $600 short of giving a lot more money to engage kids in the Earth Sciences.

Maybe $600 seems like too much money, even in little donations. So here's another suggestion. I've gone through the unfunded projects, and found several that would take less than $100 to fully fund them. It would be nice to push a few more projects across the finish line. So here are some suggestions:

What is there to learn about water? Kindergarteners. Water issues. Texas. High poverty school. Needs $59 to be fully funded.

Rock On!!! 4th graders in North Carolina need rock and mineral samples. The teacher says "Your help with ensure that my students are able to feel like real geologists and not just a student looking at pictures." They still need $78, and they can have their rocks.

Earth Science demonstrations for 6th grade students. Fault demonstration models in Arkansas. They live close to the New Madrid Seismic Zone. They should know about faults. And they're within $99 of being funded.

Three projects. One day. Can we do it? (Why do I feel like Bob the Builder all of a sudden?)


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