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If you're like me, and you're currently not in San Francisco, listening to people discuss rapid coastal erosion in the Arctic or argue about whether or not an impact caused the Younger Dryas or show off cool imaging techniques to monitor active volcanoes... well, none of the geoscientists at Science Blogs is there, either. But there are plenty of other bloggers there.

The American Geophysical Union has its own blog. It's staffed, not by AGU employees (for the most part), but by Science Communication grad students from the University of California at Santa Cruz and Columbia University. And the students are doing a wonderful job - interesting, engaging, scientifically accurate stories from all corners of AGU. I hope that there are jobs out there for Adam Mann, Tia Ghose, Olga Kuchment, Ale Borunda, Daniel Strain, Gwyneth Dickey, and Sandra Chung, because they're good at what they're doing.

And in the rest of the geoblogosphere, Dave Petley of Dave's Landslide Blog is going to sessions on natural hazards, Julian of Harmonic Tremors is going to sessions on seismology, and the Life-Long Scholar is at petrology sessions. Oh, and #AGU09 is a hot topic of discussion on twitter. (Some discussion of science; some discussion of beer. Geologists.)

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Thanks for noticing our work, Kim, and nice blog, especially the title!

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