I have. So I surfed the web and found this neat video from Smithsonian that explains it all.
Bone-house wasps protect their young by building walls made of ant carcasses. Image from: Merten Ehmig A new species of spider wasp that protect their young with walls made of ant carcasses has been discovered in the forests of China. Dr. Michael Staab from the University of Freiburg discovered the new species which he named Deuteragenia ossarium meaning "bone-house wasp" since the wasps reminded him of the ossuaries in Europe with structures decorated from human bones. Sedlec Ossuary in the Czech Republic. Image from Wikipedia. Similar to the ossuaries, the bone-house wasps use alive…
In a sad follow up to the story posted this morning, Hope, the bearded seal who swam all the way from the Arctic to Ft. Lauderdale, Florida, died at Sea World this afternoon. Scientists do not yet know his exact cause of death, but he was significantly dehydrated, malnourished and exhausted when he was captured.