Grand Rounds

Anyone wishing to consume some tasty medical writing around the theme of "education" should have a peek at this week's Grand Rounds at A Chronic Dose. Laurie has kindly included not one, but two of Signout's snowflakes in her recent flurry of activity. Speaking of which, this daily-plus blogging thing is exhausting. I need a vacation.
So says Dr Val Jones at Dr Val's Revolution Health Blog, host of this week's Grand Rounds medical blog carnival. The good doctor classified the posts as follows: [:-)] = A post that demonstrates literary excellence [{] = Early bird - an author who got his/her submission in early, which is really convenient for the host(ess) [:-/] = Naughty - an author who forgot to submit an entry to Grand Rounds but who was included nonetheless Hence, Val classifies me as naughty because she was kind enough to include my post, "Must people die before DSHEA is repealed?," even though I was so inconsiderate…
I was remiss in noting that Hungarian medical student and Medical Web 2.0 guru Berci Meskó has hosted the current and rather large Grand Rounds medical blog carnival at his excellent blog, Science Roll. Fresh off his US tour that included a presentation at the Medicine Meets Virtual Reality conference and a talk at Yale University, Doctor-to-be Meskó returns in stride with the week's wide spectrum of medical blogging. For those new readers, blog carnivals are periodic compilations of posts organized around general topical areas. For example, Grand Rounds is a general medicine carnival begun…
tags: blog carnivals, Grand Rounds This week's edition, issue 3.52, of the blog carnival Grand Rounds is now available. This blog carnival focuses on stories with medical significance, and is one of the longest running blog carnivals out there!
P.S. I love Highly Trained Monkey, and consider myself extremely remiss for not posting the link to the latest Change of Shift at her blog. Enjoy!
Blog-a-rama: Today's Pediatric Grand Rounds is up at the blog of the ever-inspiring and insightful Dr. Flea. Additionally, Change of Shift is up at the marvelous Emergiblog.
Pediatric Grand Rounds is up this week at Musings of a Distractible Mind.
This week's Change of Shift, a collection of nurse blogging, is up at codeblog.
This week's Grand Rounds is up at the misty and magical Blog, MD.
This week's Grand Rounds is up at Scienceroll. You read, you like! Addended 11:20 pm: I keep forgetting to post about the excellent Change of Shift, a biweekly (I think) carnival of nurse blogging.
A new Pediatric Grand Rounds is up at Blog, MD. And I'd say that even if I weren't included, if I remembered. This edition contains some interesting parent perspectives, as well as lots of thoughtful, quality writing from the usual stellar suspects.
Jake Young at Pure Pedantry has put together the "Oscars edition" of Grand Rounds for this week. The best of this week's medical blogging makes for great reading, but I got a kick out of Jake's explanation of the Oscars that precedes the proceedings. Thanks, Jake, for including our post on patients searching to purchase sodium dicholoracetate (DCA).
Grand Rounds 3.20 is up at Tales from the Emergency Room. The focus this week is on the people behind the medicine. (If you ask me, the medicine should watch out, because the people is probably planning to give it an unannounced rectal exam.)
At about this time last week, I asked for bloggers' thoughts on the interface of scientific evidence with health and health care. In an unscientific poll of the blogosphere, about 40% of you gave this theme the finger, while about 60% of you found it interesting to the point of arousal. To the first group, I say, I hope we can still be friends. Meanwhile, the second group should sit quietly and think about what it has done. I sure have. There's great variety, great thought, and great effort evident (heh) among the entries in this week's collection. I hope you will find it as thought-provoking…
Don't forget: The deadline for submitting to this week's Grand Rounds is midnight tonight. Please note--as addended at the bottom of the original announcement--that although there is indeed a theme for this Grand Rounds, non-thematic posts will most certainly be given careful consideration. Plug away!
Next week's Grand Rounds will be hosted here at Signout on Tuesday, January 23. Every medical student takes courses in physiology, pathophysiology, histology, and pharmacology. A new science has recently been added to this basic battery: evidence-based medicine, the science of critically searching and reading the scientific literature. Finding proof for our daily practice as doctors has begun to play an enormous role in patient care, and it shows in medical education and in the dollars (euros, yen, et al.) committed to research, both in industry and in academic institutions. The formidable…
And again, I point you to this week's Pediatric Grand Rounds. There's a great series on vaccines mentioned there, if you're into that sort of thing (and I know you are).
Now up: this week's Grand Rounds, into which I've again managed to squeak. This week: bloggers' best-of.
Most of you know I'm not the only one writing about the medical profession out here in the blogosphere. This week, I'm honored to be in the company of many excellent medical bloggers at two weekly, appropriately named anthologies: Grand Rounds and Pediatric Grand Rounds. Please have a visit and view the greatness that surrounds me! I also made it into's A-Blog-A-Day column the other day. They called me "interesting," which, as I recall, is fairly synonymous with "not interesting." Whatever. It's exposure. But enough about me: anyone with an interest in verse should get their…