King Cheetah

Since it is Caturday, and I don' think I've posted these before. A King Cheetah (a rather large form of cat) in South Africa: King Cheetah (cat) Closer in on the King Cheetah, South Africa Picture Of Cat On Top Photo Credit: Gatto Mimmo via Compfight cc
My best photograph of a cheetah. View Larger image I took this photo of a cheetah at De Wildt's in South Africa. It is a "King Cheetah." Although there was a period of time when some thought the King was a new subspecies of cheetah, it turns out to be a simple color morph. Although this was taken with a zoom lens, it was not set on telephoto ... In fact, I had to wipe the breath of the cat off the lens ... (And I'm only slightly exaggerating).