Geckos love Tet Zoo

If you didn't know, I've been away. The last four articles that have appeared here were all scheduled to publish in my absence. I've been in Romania and Hungary where I had a great time - saw lots of neat animals (fossil and living) and hung out with some neat people. I'll talk about some of this stuff in due course. For now, here's a really nice picture, kindly provided by artist-animator Ethan Kocak.


Ethan keeps and breeds geckos and, as you can see from this photo of one of Ethan's New Caledonian giant geckos Rhacodactylus leachianus henkeli, it seems that these lizards are big fans of at least one of my books (the hugely successful Tetrapod Zoology Book One). Thanks, Ethan, for the photo. If you're wondering why individuals of Rhacodactylus are so keen on Tet Zoo, it must be because they've read the extremely impressive and near-complete series of Tet Zoo gekkotan articles...

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Darren, is there any possibility that your bird book will be published. It seems like a good book that should've been approved. Also, do the British pronounce Prius with the i sounding like the i in ride, or the i ee in seed.

I'm honored, thanks! Oh, and if ever you want to expand on your Uroplatus articles with more pictures I have lots of photos of our Uroplatus sikorae sikorae pair.

Wow, that's one impressive gecko! It somewhat reminds me of the large Velvet Geckoes (Homopholis) we have over here. Ours don't have those cool webs on the digits though.

By Willem van der Merwe (not verified) on 30 Jun 2011 #permalink

Oh, a very late welcome here, to Hungary, Darren :)