TheScian SF Contest 2009 Results

Congratulations to the winners and thanks to all the participants. The stories will go online at within a few days.

First prize - "Stalker" by Shuchikar (author's penname)

Second prize - "On board the Ark" by Ankit Bhardwaj

Third prize - "Dropping Off" by Ramanand

I am pleased to say that all three stories have a darker theme than most of the earlier years' stories. This is good. We are moving beyond the initial awe-and-wonder phase of SF into more mature and adult themes. More on these later after I get them online. The work on the SF book is proceeding at a steady pace. As of now, we are on track to publish the book before the end of this year. Below is a draft illustration I received a few days back from the artist for one of the stories (A Story in Blue) that'll go in the book.


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