A Bit of Feminist Humor

Thanks to B. Cohen for sending me this link to an installment of McSweeney's Annals of Science. Oh, the mighty struggle of sperm to fertilize egg! That's just good readin'. You'll want to scroll on down and read about electrovibratory massage as well. You may recall I mentioned an essay by Rachel Maines in the last Friday Bookshelf. If this bit on electrovibratory massage piques your interest, maybe you'll want to check out her whole book, The Technology of Orgasm. And if you like the last bit on the McSweeney's link about Stormin' Norman, then by all means do check out Carol Cohn's essay "Sex and Death in the Rational World of Defense Intellectuals", also referred to in the last Friday Bookshelf.

Who says feminists don't have a sense of humor?

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