Sciblings With Bogie

Sciblings in NYC....we came, we met, we ate and drank, we talked nonstop, thanks to Seed and Adam Bly. I did not puke on Adam Bly's shoes after all. He is a very nice guy. And has a beautiful home in Manhattan.

But when we were in some gin joint on Saturday night, who should join us for a beer but Humphrey Bogart.

i-81d91cceb445fec45b09d98297822281-DSC00922 [320x200].JPG

Loads of Sciblings in that picture: Jake, Kara, Bora, Chris, Grrl, me, Steve, PZ, Josh, and Catherine (Bora's wife). And I think I missed some people whose names I don't know/don't remember/can't be held responsible for because it was late. You can't see Mo because he took the picture.

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Of all the gin joints in all the world...

...the one that sells 5 shots for $10 is the one I want to be in...

Note: Humphrey Bogart's in the pic!

i think we all know that Zuska means Bogie, not boogie.

or boogers, for that matter, as Mo so helpfully pointed out.

(this comment is an example of what happens when SciBlings blog while .. uh, inebriated. i just hope that the Good Ol' Boyz sitting next to us don't throw a punch into Mo's nose before i get sick of poking around on the internet. oh, the sacrifices we make to write for SB!!)

With all of us in presence, nobody ever paid attention to Ingrid Bergman....

Well obviously Adam Bly is a very nice guy. He wined and dined you and his company hosts your blog! What kind of journalist would bite the hand that feeds her? It's telling that his being a "nice guy" also leads directly in your mind to the fact that he has a beautiful home in Manhattan. Shame, shame. I'm disappointed to see a good blog slip into dangerous Carrie Bradshaw "dear diary" journalism here. You'd have my undying respect if you had just followed your instinct and puked on his shoes (Prada no doubt).

By doug byrne (not verified) on 30 Dec 2007 #permalink