Hilariousity Break: Buying Phish Tix

So Mr. Z and I went to that Phish show last Friday night. We bought our tix for that show from a ticket liquidator online. Had to call them to confirm and all because it was last minute. They were all set to walk us through the VERY COMPLICATED PROCESS of opening the email, downloading the emailed tix doc, and printing it. First thing the person on the phone said was, "Hey Phish fan, are you ready to have fun? Are you doing 'shrooms already?" (We were not, then or later.) Then he began talking very slowly and carefully to Mr. Z. "Do you have a computer? Do you know how to turn it on? Do you have email? Do you know how to open it? Do you have a printer? Do you know how to turn it on? Do you know how to connect your computer to your printer? Do you see the email from us in your email inbox? Do you know how to open the attachment?" and so on. It was hilarious. After we got off the phone we speculated that the ticket liquidator had plenty of experience talking quite a few seriously high Phish fans through the process of printing their last minute Phish tix.

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Please please please do not ever again purchase tickets through a "ticket liquidator online."

Not only do Phish have a strict "no scalping" policy, but anytime anyone supports the secondary/re-sale/black-market of Phish tickets (or ANY ticket) you're supporting higher ticket prices, more competitive public on-sales, and general degradation of one of the last "pure" concert ticket economies. What other band do you know that charges $50 for any seat in the house? This pricing is intentional, we as Phish fans are lucky to have it, and we need to be doing all we can to preserve it.

Buying tickets at a marked up price OR buying tickets from any "organized" scalping outfit (regardless of price paid) is contemptuous.

If you ever want to buy Phish tickets again so close to show time, I recommend these almost fail-proof methods:

1. Go to the lot day of show: for 85% of the shows this summer you're bound to find a cheap ticket for sale that was originally purchased fair and square by another fan who's friend (or whomever) couldn't make it.
2. Check www.phish.com to see if you can still purchase tickets (again, many shows this summer were still available from the box office day of show).
3. Check out www.cashortrade.org, a website designed to promote face-value resale or trade of Phish tickets within the community.
4. Go to TicketMaster to see if tickets are still available or if more tickets have been released (a not uncommon occurrence).

Be careful here, too: your little blog entry was re-broadcast through a very popular (and respected) Phish blog: www.yemblog.com. I am one person providing some feedback to you because I care, but you have opened yourself up to some harsher criticism for what many consider utterly deplorable actions.

The "Hilariousity" of which you speak is not of the bastard selling you the tickets, but rather of you buying them.

By Please don't b… (not verified) on 29 Jun 2010 #permalink

Dude, I appreciate the public service announcement, but you all are going to have to take a number and get in line behind the folks screeching at me for Not Having Enough Science On This Blog, Trying To Control The Discourse On This Blog, Being A Hairy-Legged Feminazi, and Trying To Take Away My Porn Which Is A Man's God-Given Right, among other things. Good luck if the kindly Phish pholk can rise above the signal-to-noise ratio. It will at least be an interesting change of topic to be lectured at on How To Run My Blog.

Zuska, dude, you've been warned. As soon as they put down their bongs they're gonna really do...something.

I don't think I'm proposing anything related to how to run your blog. In fact, it's probably easier to heed my advice than to engage the "screechers" "lecturing" you on How To Run Your Blog.

The only thing I ask is that you avoid the action of purchasing tickets through scalpers or "ticket liquidators online" in the future. That is all. Really. It is.


By Please don't b… (not verified) on 29 Jun 2010 #permalink

Yeah yeah, we all smoke week all day and don't go anywhere without our trusty "bong" that we probably named Cassidy or Althea or something. You got me, ignore the content of my plea and dismiss it with out-of-date out-of-touch sweeping generalizations. Sorry for the inconvenience here, guys, I'll go numb myself with weed and nitrous oxide. Later.

By Please don't b… (not verified) on 29 Jun 2010 #permalink

Yeah Zuska, you and your "little blog" better "be careful"-- you've "opened yourself up" and have only yourself to blame for what may befall you.

You are more generous than I--veiled threats get an automatic delete in my neck of the woods.

In retrospect, I regret posting anything resembling a "veiled threat" and for that I'm sorry -- this was not my intent. I now recognize that because of this I most likely discredited myself somewhat if not fully. I feel bad that my advice from one Phish fan to the next was diluted due to some of the language in my first post, but as you can see I'm passionate about this.

It's just when something so blatantly ironic and shallow gets posted in a public forum does it become difficult to refrain from honest and assertive response when given the opportunity.

But surely you can relate with me on that one, right? I mean, we're on the blogosphere here, correct?

And oh what a party we would have if ticket scalping AND censorship were advocated here -- that's probably a bit too much for one blog on a Tuesday, though, so good call.

By Please don't b… (not verified) on 29 Jun 2010 #permalink

I have one of the most liberal comment policies on a feminist blog you will ever encounter. I have deleted a few comments in the past that were way over the top hate speech, or threatening (maybe 3-4), and I have a closed a handful of threads to comments for mental health reasons when I just didn't feel like listening to the hounds baying anymore. Other than that, whatevs. I find it instructive.

I do respect your passion on the ticket issue. And respect you for apologizing about your language - some science bloggers around here could certainly benefit from your example.

I am sure not all Phish fans are potheads but dude - I was at the show and in the parking lot after the show. It's not like there weren't any fatties getting sparked up. Or people walking around struggling to hold onto six balloons full of...air?

On the other hand, it's also not like all the fatties of the world get sparked at a Phish show, eh?

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