Pami's Purple Haze Carrots with oranges, ginger, and walnuts

Happy New Year!

Here is a post from Raoul at the Student Farm at UC Davis.

From the vegetable's point of view the holidays weren't that great. Continuous rain or fog was only broken up by hard frosts. Our head rot resistant broccoli varieties proved to be not as resistant as advertised, hence there is no broccoli in the Student Harvest baskets today. The good news is that greens and root vegetables are doing fine.

Today's baskets include: rutabagas, fennel, collards, delicata squash, cilantro, radicchio, Purple Haze carrots, Komatsuna, Dino kale, Chinese cabbage, beets, carinata kale, and lemons and kiwis (both not certified organic, but from the Eco Garden and PLS 2 fields respectively).

The baskets were picked and packed with love by: Raoul, Eric, Sasha, Izzie, Mark, Kase, Megan, Sheryl and Ethan. The Market Garden at the Student Farm is CCOF Certified Organic.

The recipe for the week is something I prepared over the holiday after seeing this inspirational photo in the NYT.

i-fbb92830bd9545e8457eab2fc72c5cbc-REST-articleLarge-1.jpegI tried it with Raoul's purple Haze carrott (an older genetically altered variety that provides an unusual and lovely color). The improvised recipe turned out very well, we think. Try it and see.

Raoul calls it "Pami's Purple Haze Carrots with oranges, ginger, and walnuts".

Saute 2 minutes:
3 Tb butter
1-2 Tb brown sugar
2 Tb grated fresh ginger

Add and cook until nearly done, covered:
6 medium purple haze carrots, cut in half lengthwise
4 orange carrots, cut in half lengthwise

Add and saute 2-3 minutes:
10-15 walnut halves
2 satsuma mandarins, sectioned

salt to taste, serve hot.

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Looks gorgeous.

By Michelle B (not verified) on 03 Jan 2011 #permalink

That sounds amazing. I think I'll use up the last of the carrots from my vegetable share with this recipe!

I am so jealous of you being in (relatively) sunny California. In Iowa, the fresh local veggies are just a memory at this point. There's some greenhouse tomatoes but they're not very good :(

Purple Haze, never heard of that one. I wonder how it stacks up to the purple heirloom varieties Cosmic Purple and Dragon. I'm trying Cosmic Purple this season, I'll give this recipe a shot come then.

And don't you mean it is the orange carrots that are the genetically altered ones :) Funny how we think of the natural as novel & the new as normal.

The story is that in the 1600s most carotts were purple until breeders did some genetic tinkering to create an orange variety for the king and queen of netherlands. Soon everyone wanted them. Now purple is back in fashion, a bit more genetic tinkering and voila- back again to purple.

We havent grown cosmic purple or Dragon. Are they good?

By the way purple haze is a hybrid so it is genetically improved from the varieties grown in the 1600s

Ehl-i Sünnetâte Mehdi inancı nasıldır? Mehdi inancının Åiaâdan etkilenmek suretiyle Ehl-i Sünnetâe girdiÄi söylentisi ne derecede doÄrudur?

âBu hususta bizim büyük alimlerimizin, hadis ve fıkıhta hakîkaten güzel bilgi sahibi alimlerimizin kitapları vardır. Rivayet edilmiÅ edilmiÅ hadis-i Åerifler gösteriyor ki, Mehdi inancı Ehl-i Sünnetâe Åiaâdan girmiÅ deÄildir. Mehdi hakkında hadis-i Åerifler eskiden beri vardır. Hattâ, o hadis-i Åeriflerden dolayı Åiaâda Mehdi inancı kuvvetlenmiÅtir. Yâni, Åiaânın içindeki Mehdi inancı birdenbire çıkmıŠdeÄil ki⦠Ondaki inanç da yine, Peygamber Efendimizâin mevcut olan hadislerinin bir çeÅit yorumlanmasından çıkmıÅtır.

Unfortunately I haven't tried either yet, but I've got a nice bunch of Cosmic Purple seed (among a whole bunch of other OP things, yay!) just waiting for the spring thaw. I hear they're good but I'll know firsthand by the end of summer. Only about 135 days until last frost...I second that envy towards sunny California.

Absolutely delicious. I JUST made this after randomly stumbling upon it and thank you. I usually make carrots with honey and ginger, but the walnuts are divine and the extra brown sugar is the key.

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