Help students change the world by voting on The New Earth Archive's booklist

The New Earth Archive is a resource network of powerful, inspiring books on climate change, sustainability, social justice, and human nature.The students ask you to vote for up to 15 of your favorite books.

So pleased, Tomorrow's Table made the list!

Whoie Earth Discipline, by Stewart Brand is also on the list and so are many other great books.

Please spread the word. Thanks for your support.

The New Earth Archive was developed by students at the New Jersey Institute of Technology, and supported by Paul Hawken and other leading public environmental figures.


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I'm really shocked by some of the titles on that list and it makes me wonder how they came up with it. There's a slant toward the apocalyptic writings of peak oil cultists who are not even close to being in the same league as thinkers like E. O. Wilson, Daniel Kahneman, and Robert Wright.

I don't think I'll be voting.