'The Economist' Highlights UM Hearing Research!

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As noted in the sidebar here, I'm at the University of Michigan, involved in hearing research. So, I was so thrilled when it was brought to my attention that research from our institute, on the topic of cochlear implants, was being mentioned in this month's 'Economist' magazine! The article is a good summary of the current state of cochlear implant research, and has some interesting diagrams. Download the PDF here.


Slightly less noble, but kind of humorous, is that the research was also mentioned as a blurb in the most recent Playboy. Not that you read the articles or anything!

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Playboy is a highly respected publication. You should be proud of the mention!

Hey, pick up an issue of Playboy and you might be surprised. People joke about the articles, but they're actually well-written, often by A-list columnists and authors, and relatively few are about sex. People like John Updike and Norman Mailer contributed frequently, and they used to have an excellent interview series (they even infamously interviewed Jimmy Carter during his 1976 presidential campaign), but maybe that's no longer the case. It's a "men's" magazine in the liberal sense of the term -- meaning, not only does it contain pictures of naked women, but also other things straight professional men are supposed to be into, like politics, cars, sports, finance, current events, and (not-necessarily-sexual) short fiction.

Anyway, as AL said, you should be proud to be mentioned!