Technology Review Magazine Poised to Return as Festival Sponsor!

i-4b568fac160fe572f25b41809fd31c8b-1079.jpgKnown as "the authority on the future of technology " and the world's oldest technology magazine,Technology Review - published by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) - is bringing its prestige and expertise back to the Festival as a Media Partner!

Technology Review, published by MIT since 1899, continues today to provide unparalleled insights into cutting edge technologies that are changing the world and the way science and engineering do business.

In returning as a Media Partner, the magazine joins a growing list of other top science media leaders who are also serving as Festival sponsors, including Popular Mechanics, Scientific American, Popular Science, Chemical & Engineering News, School,, EE Times, The Epoch Times, and PBS Kids.
"In many ways, the mission of the USA Science & Engineering Festival in educating tomorrow's innovators and the general public on the future of technology coincides with our publication's mission as well," says Kathleen Kennedy, Technology Review's Chief Strategy Officer. "Technology Review identifies emerging technologies and analyzes their impact for technology and business leaders-the senior executives, entrepreneurs, venture capitalists, engineers, developers, and researchers who create and fund the innovations that drive the global economy," she adds.

Technology Review is also an invaluable resource for early adopters, students, the media, those in government, and anyone who needs to understand trends in technology, including the hottest happenings in computing, the web and social media, communications, sci fi-inspired innovations, energy, materials, biomedicine and news from its thought-provoking blogs.

i-78442381d45f2903800fabafd4105996-263.jpgAs a Media Partner in the Festival, Technology Review, like other key media sponsors for next year's event, will run advertisements pro bono via their respective media outlets. This will play a key role in not only giving the Festival heightened visibility on a national and international scale, but will also help the event recruit for new satellite venues and participation in the Expo, contests and other activities.

Owned by MIT as an independent media company,Technology Review boasts a worldwide readership of more than three million. The publication is published in five languages (including, Chinese, Spanish, Italian and an English edition for India) and is also available on a variety of digital and print platforms.

We thank Technology Review and our other Media Partners for their valued participation!


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