Tomorrow: Join us for the Woodstock of Science!

The excitement is filling the air at Sneak Peek Friday today as we are gearing up for an amazing weekend! The Festival takes place Saturday from 10-6 and Sunday from 10-4 at the Walter E Washington Convention Center in Washington, D.C. Please visit our "Plan Your Day" section on our website for important information regarding attending this FREE event. Those attending the Festival will be in for quite a treat with over 3,000 hands-on science and engineering activities and over 150 stage shows!

We have had some incredible events leading up to this weekend including our AT&T Sponsored Nifty Fifty Program. The 'Nifty Fifty (times 2)' are a group of one hundred noted science and engineering professionals who visited Washington, D.C. area schools to speak about their work and careers. We were absolutely thrilled with the speakers and the students seemed to really enjoy this talented group that presented with such passion and enthusiasm.

i-4cc948a75d8f00965e0fbf4bd061e4e5-Nifty-thumb-300x199-74023-thumb-300x199-74024.jpgSome of the Nifty Fifty Speakers included NIH Director Francis Collins, NASA Deputy Administrator Lori Garver, Evolutionary Biologist Dr. Beth Shapiro, Nerd Girls Founder & Engineer Dr. Karen Panetta and many more! Students learned about the need to preserve coral reefs, sustainable 'Styrofoam' made from mushrooms, how diseases are cured and best of all the importance to follow their dreams and overcome obstacles.

This weekend the Festival will be jam packed with entertainment for the entire family. The Expo exhibits and stage shows are suitable for ALL AGES! We have a huge line up of entertainment for the little ones including PBS Kids, a plethora of exhibits and events for students of all ages and of course some in depth STEM exhibits for those with the advanced scientific palate. We have some big name science celebrities that will be in attendance including Bill Nye the Science Guy, Adam Savage and Jamie Hyneman from the Mythbusters, Big Bang Theory's Mayim Bialik, Sleight-of-hand Artist Apollo Robbins and Discovery Channel's Jeff Lieberman. Our Book Fair features 36 of the TOP science authors such as Homer Hickam, Robin Cook, Carl Zimmer, Lisa Randall and Ken Denmead.

Here are just a few of the stage shows and hands-on exhibits that you can look forward to:

The Many Worlds of Lockheed Martin. Check out more than 25 new exhibits from Lockheed Martin, the official host of the Festival! Immerse yourself in the cockpit simulator of an F-22 fighter jet, tour cities of the future; delve into the wonders of robotics and the Hubble telescope, plus many more exciting adventures!

Meet the Scientists/Engineers. Chat one-on-one at this Career Pavilion location with some of the nation's top scientists, engineers to learn about such fields as medical research, oceanography, national security with the CIA, microbiology, and technology intellectual property law!

Innovative Entrepreneurs. Hear these exciting entrepreneurs who are changing the course of technology: Elon Musk, creator of rocket manufacturer SpaceX, and legendary computer video game innovator Richard Garriott who became the sixth private citizen to journey into Earth's orbit.

Music by Monty Harper. Dance like a dinosaur and spin like a planet. You'll do it all to the music of this science singer-musician who was recently named a winner in the Festival's songwriting competition.

Ready for the Science Olympiads? Learn how to compete in the Science Olympiads from Olympiad student teams in the DC Metro area who will demonstrate vehicles, structures, musical instruments and other devices they've developed for the competition!

Saving the Humpback. Nan Hauser, founder of the Center for Cetacean Research & Conservation, will inspire you with her fascinating expeditions to save the endangered humpback whale and other marine species.

Circus Physics. How do all those clowns fit in one car? What's involved in the physics of the ferris wheel and roller coaster? Come to the circus exhibit of the American Institute of Physics and other partners to find out!

The Science of Bubbles. The fascinating Keith Michael Johnson (as seen on the Discovery Channel's Time Warp), uses soap bubbles to explain liquids, solids and gasses, geometry, tension and pressure.

Enjoy yourself this weekend and take time to explore as much as you can. We hope the Festival ignites the "Inner Scientist or Engineer" in you! Thank you for all of your support and have an amazing time!


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Looks like a cool festival. I'm gutted I didn't hear about it in time - although I'm based in the UK, so it might have been a bit difficult to get there!

Do let me know how it was.

It caught my eye as your post called it the "Woodstock of Science" and, being a musician myself as well as having an interest in science, I thought I'd give it a read.

I'll make sure I make it next time!


The spirit of Woodstock is a beautiful state of mind! Thanks Carlyo