Popular Science Returns as Festival Media Partner, Bringing Famed DIYer and Zombie Hunter Chris Hackett!

usa-science-engineering-festival-americium-sponsor-PopSci LOGO-WEBPopular Science  magazine -- one of the leading sources of news in technology, science, gadgets, space, green tech and more -- is returning as a key Media Partner with the Festival, bringing to the event not only a vast array of science media expertise, but also a special surprise: famed DIYer-at-large and zombie hunter, Chris Hackett, who is a contributing editor of Popular Science and who also hosted the Science Channel's avant garde DIY show, "Stuck With Hackett"!

Popular Science has been a major source of science and technology news since this award-winning publication was founded back in 1872. Its online version, originally launched in 1999 and upgraded in 2008, gives viewers up-to-the-minute tech news, insightful commentary on new and futuristic innovations, and even scientific angles on the hottest Hollywood movies and TV stories.

So, with such an impressive inside track on the latest high-tech media happenings, it is not surprising that Popular Science -- which wowed audiences as a Media Partner at the 2010 and 2012 Festivals -- is returning to the 2014 Festival this April with another treat: Chris Hackett.

Don't miss it when Chris -- often called America's consummate professional tinkerer because of his unorthodox approach to turning forgotten items of junk into ingenious tools of survival to use in case of apocalyptic disasters and even zombie invasions -- performs his Road Warrior-like recycling antics next April at the Festival Expo in Washington, DC. He will appear as a Media Partner guest of Popular Science, and will be particularly demonstrating his "scientifically redeeming zombie-killing techniques."

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As his TV show, "Stuck With Hackett" often depicted, Chris surmises a time when apocalyptic aftermaths of man-made or natural disasters (or even an attack of the living dead!) could force us to survive alone in such inhospitable extreme environments as the deep wilderness, ruined cities and arid deserts. The trick is not only to learn to survive, but to survive "in style," says Chris, who is also co-founder of Brooklyn, New York's noted Madagascar Institute, an edgy, innovative studio workshop made up of DIY builder enthusiasts.

No doubt, this tough, no-nonsense innovator is a man whom you want on your side when the apocalypse and the zombies arrive!

Long known for its commitment to journalistic excellence in reporting on wide range of topics in science and innovation, Popular Science has thrived and remained popular with readers by following the publication's motto, "The Future is Now."

"Supporting the USA Science & Engineering festival is one of the many ways we try to bring the world our message: that science and technology are the most fun your brain can have," says Jacob Ward, Editor-in-Chief of Popular Science. "And no one has more fun — in this case, defending your brain against zombies — than Chris."

Don't miss Popular Science and the amazing Chris Hackett at the Expo!

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