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PalMD has a great post about vaginas. More specifically, about the wonderful commensal bacteria that help keep a vagina at the proper pH, and what happens when they get booted out:

From time to time, this normal balance of bacteria is disrupted. When this happens, the normally dominant Lactobacilli are outgrown by various anaerobic bacteria. These bacteria break down proteins in the vagina and create various malodorous compounds that are discharged in a thin, grey discharge. It is this symptom that normally drives a woman to the doctor where she is diagnosed with bacterial vaginosis (BV).

If that doesn't convince you to go read the whole thing, I don't know what will.


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From looking over my search terms, I think there are a lot of disappointed adolescent boys out there.

I should point out, a happy healthy vagina is an exponential sort of organ. The more happy, healthy vaginas in the world the more happy healthy people in the world. Obviously, this isn't only true for those who possess a vagina, but for vagina fans the world over. Clearly, a similar argument can be made for breasts and breast cancer research. The more happy healthy breasts, as well as the more happy, healthy vaginas, the more of a happy healthy world we have. However, I should point out, that a large part of the world can't even deal with the realities of childbirth. Check out what happens with vaginal fistula's in Africa. As well as the women in children involved. There was a great film a couple of years ago that told that story...but I can't remember now...

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