Women's Tears a Turn-Off

Did Israeli singer-songwriter Arik Einstein know something that scientists didn't when he released the song "When You Cry You're Not So Pretty" back in 1969?

Prof. Noam Sobel and his team of the Weizmann Institute of Science have now shown that merely sniffing a woman's tears - even when the crying woman is not present - reduces sexual arousal in men.

This study raises many interesting questions. What is the chemical involved? Do different kinds of emotional situations send different tear-encoded signals? Are women's tears different from, say, men's tears? Children's tears? This study reinforces the idea that human chemical signals - even ones we're not conscious of - affect the behavior of others.

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To me this implies an innate meme humans know and understand when you see/read writing in violent and horror stores where the male sexual abusers scream at their female victims to shut up and stop crying or try to keep from seeing their tears. It not only forces a sympathetic guilt but chemically shuts down male sick sexual arousal from violence. But women shouldn't have to start crying to stop male sexual violence.


By ポールスミス (not verified) on 21 May 2013 #permalink