At Last: Our New Web Site

The day has finally come. In our very first post, back in June, we wrote that the launch of the new website was slated for later in the summer. In fact, by then we had already been at it for months, and if we had known how much longer it was going to take, we might have thrown up our collective hands on the spot. So we are quite pleased to say that our new website is now on line, and it even seems to work most of the time. There are, of course, some new articles to read - a new wrinkle in insulin production, why fish scales shine, molecular Frisbee, and more - as well as press releases and links to news items about our scientists. You are invited to take a peek and let us know what you think.

There are still a few minor bugs - that seems to be unavoidable - and while we are still getting used to working with the new CMS, we are also making the transition from a focus on print to digital only, at least in the case of the magazine. Hopefully, in addition to saving a few trees, it will improve our reporting -- enabling us to put out more science stories and get them out sooner.

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