Another writer's block rant and open thread

The "summer without summer" continues with fall blowing in early. Sitting outside with the kiddo yesterday we found a garter snake sunning itself (and it was pretty big for a garter snake!). Despite the strong north wind, we hopped on the bike and rode up to the school where she'll be starting kindergarten in a couple of weeks. This isn't a hilly part of the country, but when you're a bit out of shape and pulling seventy pounds of nearly dead weight, even a little rise slows you down. PalKid had plenty of questions about why I was going so slow (annoying) and about what the gears do (not annoying).

We went to a local restaurant for dinner. I'm always annoyed by how overpriced it is, but the atmosphere is nice, and I had a lovely pork tenderloin with a sweet-hot sauce and a forest of broccoli. Then the three of us shared a desert. Ordering one desert with three spoons is probably one of the most enjoyable family events I can think of.

So the legs and knees are a little heavy today from the ride, but it's a righteous pain. My only regret for this weekend is that I agreed to work today. It seemed like a good idea at the time.

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Seventy Pounds? W-What the heck? I didn't reach 70 pounds until I was in eighth grade!

"My only regret for this weekend is that I agreed to work today. It seemed like a good idea at the time."
A bad idea. Learn from it!

The kiddo is under 40lbs, the trail-a-bike is about 30 (i think).

The "summer without summer" continues with fall blowing in early.

Complain to the shipping agents -- we're still having late June; the July rains never showed up, nor the August ones. Hottest summer on record. Today's high is forecast at 110F, compared to the usual low hundreds -- and it's been that way for two months.

With any luck, we'll be able to turn off the AC come October.

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