Writer's block open thread

There are so many things I want to blog about today, but the muse just isn't with me. But I have a deal with myself to at least put out a little something once or twice a day (and my diet updates don't count).

Things I'm happy about today:

  • I'm keeping to my diet very well.
  • My child is not only surviving kindergarten but wants to be dropped off and have me disappear.

Things I'm finding painful today:

  • I'm keeping to my diet very well.
  • My child is not only surviving kindergarten but wants to be dropped off and have me disappear.

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Should I try to get the swine flu vaccine even though I'm not in one of the target groups?

And can you give me a link for recommended vax for old folks?

Congratulations on both entries to both categories. You have just justified the word "bittersweet" in the world's dictionaries.

My child is not only surviving kindergarten but wants to be dropped off and have me disappear.

It's part of growing up, isn't it? But don't worry, soon you won't even remember there was a time before pre-school.

Dr. Pal --

Are you planning to attend Skeptics in the Pub in Southfield tomorrow night? It doesn't seem to have been publicized much...

I'm missing this one secondary to family obligations, but hopefully next month

I have a vaccine question, if you don't mind. I'm aiming to get whatever flu vaccines I can and I'd like to get a vaccine for pneumonia if I can because I happen to be vulnerable to such infections. However, I'm really only supposed to get inactivated/killed vaccines. I know flu shots are like that, but I'm not sure about the pneumonia one and I haven't been able to find anything in looking. If someone could let me know, I'd appreciate it.

Is there somewhere I could find a list of which vaccines are live and which aren't? Something like that would be really useful.

Thanks. Those don't say right out, but it seems live vaccines are labeled as live and so vaccines there not labeled live and not contraindicated for people with compromised immune systems are NOT live because live ones have those warnings. I think. So I'll just ask my regular doctor about those; I don't need to ask the specialist unless the vaccine is live.
It'd be nice to know what the core part of different vaccines are. Like, there's live influenza, inactivated influenza, and the tetanus uses a toxoid. I know those, but I don't know many more.

Thank you for the blog and podcast it nice to know that logic has a place in medicine.

Can you comment on nurse education or chiro-qactic woo in a future podcast?

I am a student working in a hospital and towards both a nursing degree and a degree in mental health.

While I expected there to be resistance in the field of counseling and psychology; I am shocked to find a large portion of my coworkers and classmates and instructors believe in alternatives to medicine. I am in Iowa so chiropractic quackery is rampant (thanks to Palmer). â proving that a little knowledge is indeed a dangerous thing.

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