BMI TMI update

So the weight loss continues at a slow but steady pace. The exercise has been not so good; I was doing fine until I re-injured my back. Now it's just an excuse.

I've started getting up early to get PalKid to kindergarten. I suppose I could get up just a bit earlier and ride the bike. I'm not looking at exercise as a weight loss tool, but as a way to regain good health.

My morning meal is generally a high fiber cereal, oatmeal, or a bagel. Earlier I was doing eggs, but I got tired of the extra time and effort. The key to the cereal is a small serving size. I do OK until lunch and usually avoid snacking. At lunch I most often have a chicken ceasar salad with oil and vinegar, or sometimes a banana-strawberry smoothie from Starbucks. I may snack a bit during the day with a piece of fruit, and at dinner I'll often have another salad. When I get home in the evening I sometimes have a bit of a carb-fest.

Either way, it's working for me just fine, in that I'm losing weight, and I feel like my habits are sustainable.


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Did you really enjoy the eggs? If so, here's a way of doing them that's nearly as fast as cereal: Crack 2 into a microwave-safe dish. Beat them with a fork. Add milk or water, beat some more. Cover - if you have a matched set of dishes, your bread and butter plate probably fits just right as a lid for the soup bowl. Nuke 60-90s. Remove, beat. Nuke another 60-90s. Adding the milk or water and beating makes them get all souffle-pouffy instead of the usual rubberiness of microwave eggs. Lately I've been having mine with fresh herbs and tomatoes from my garden chopped in, which does admittedly slow the process down by the amount of time necessary to wash and slice the tomato.

By Intransigentia (not verified) on 24 Sep 2009 #permalink

Eggs for breakfast ? I thought eggs were on the no-no list because of saturated fat from egg yolks ?

or maybe it's just me, cooking my scrambled eggs in just enough butter to add flavor and serving them alongside bacon and toast or biscuits.

Getting into a routine is certainly helpful. Writing a diet and excercise diary has worked so well for me that my wife has decided to try it as well. In terms of what you're eating may I suggest english muffins as a substitute for bagels. Most bagels are worse than most donuts, and english muffins are nowhere near as dense. I'd also watch out with the smoothie, commercial ones can just be loaded with syrup.

By ABradford (not verified) on 25 Sep 2009 #permalink

Eggs keep me full for much, much longer than any cereal, even the high-fiber ones. It can be annoying to cook them every morning, so I just hard-boil a dozen at a time and then it's much more convenient.

I'm not sure how you feel about non-traditional breakfast foods for breakfast, but there are plenty of protein options for the morning that would be quicker if the prep time is what bothers you. Hell, you could make a sandwich with your bagel and a few ounces of cold cuts without giving up your beloved carb load (btw I sure hope you're talking about a bagel of natural size in the first place and not a chain bagel shop monstrosity). People have also been known to mix a tasty flavor of whey protein into oatmeal, although that might be a bit bodybuilding-nerd for you.

The carb-fest when you get home is troubling in that it implies that what you're doing is leaving you too hungry and low on willpower. It may actually be helping you lose weight (calorie cycling can be a pretty successful technique), but doing it by accident as just-can't-help-myself binges is not so cool.