According to google, there may be millions of opportunities to "win an iPod" on the net. Here's a breakdown of it all.

So why enter one in particular. The SCQ makes a case for their iPod and truth experiment giveaway. It starts:

It seems obvious to most people that iPods are a ubiquitous part of culture. But for folks like myself who also look after a website, the notion of an iPod contest is just as pervasive. A good indicator of this is to simply google a few pertinent terms. In fact, when I did that with the phrase "Win an iPod" (in quotes) I was actually returned with an astounding 2,000,000 hits.

More enlightening, is if you narrow down the search to limit the term mentioned within the last week (2570 results), or even the last 24 hours (498 results). In fact, there is even a site that tries to aggregate current iPod contests, listing about 125 such contests that are active.

The rest of the piece goes into the relative worth of the prizes (there are many forms of iPods), relative effort to enter (some quite elaborate), as well as what exactly you might be supporting when you play. Anyway, read the piece here, and spread the word.

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