Dance Your Ph.D. - 2013 Winners Announced!

It's time again for John Bohannon's annual "Dance Your Ph.D." contest. This year, in my opinion, there are even more high quality entries than in previous years! (I was one of the judges who did the first round of choices...the "winners" were then chosen by a panel that includes several professional dancers (for several years it has been members of Pilobulus)).  And they are all now posted online ("winners" at the link above - all the videos are posted here - because really they are ALL winners in my opinion.

And if you can come up with more difficult ways to try to explain science - we could start some other awesome contests. Explain your Ph.D. in poetry. Design a dress or suit that explains your Ph.D. Knit your Ph.D. Origami your Ph.D. Puppet Theatre Your Ph.D. Stop-Motion Animate Your Ph.D. Ballon Animalize Your Ph.D. But until then...

Dance! Dance! Dance!


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