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Here are my rationalizations for posting this on Zooillogix:
#1 I can't find anything else at the moment that is anywhere near as interesting
#2 There's an abundance of animal life on these pizzas
#3 It's friggin awesome

Without further explanaton, may I introduce two remarkable inventions from South Korea. More specifically, Pizza Hut South Korea. As seen on Slice, first we have the Korean Shrimp Roll Pizza which seems to have no fewer than 28 tasty crustaceans lining the edge. Apparently, it even comes with a shrimp cocktail dipping sauce. It is actually pretty remarkable if you think about how this creation started in Italy a few hundred years ago, was productized in the United States in the last two decades and then transformed to suit the tastes of another culture on the other side of the planet last year.


I don't think I'd ever eat this, but it would make an awesome conversation piece on a coffee table.

i-689389fcca448048d73daf88324fd689-pizza hut sk closeup shrimpy.jpg

A truly exceptional commercial.

Next we have the Hot Dog Pizza...

Translated as "royal crust" a very long hot dog is encased in dough to form the edge of the crust. In an effort to compete with America's monopoly on obese children, the Koreans have managed to fuse two fast food icons into one unrivaled mess of deliciousness!


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I love the way, in the first commercial, the guy is inexplicably eating a pizza while sitting in a little boat, fishing. Does anyone actually do that? And how did they get their little delivery scooter out to him? ;)

Seriously, though, that first Pizza base, without the shrimp, is available in Pizza Hut here in the UK, as an optional base for any of their pizzas. I think they call them Cheesy-bites or something like that.

We don't have anything quite as mad as the hot-dog crust, but sometime within the last few years (and I think this was Pizza Hut, although I'm not certain,) we had a limited time special which was a modification of their more usual stuffed-crust base that included rolled up peperoni as well, which has to be _nearly_ as good.

I guess it's just the US that misses out on mutant pizzas. Maybe they're afraid of appearing to tacitly support evolution by doing it to their fast-food?

I'm waiting for Indian restauranteurs to realize a pizza oven has a lot in common with a tandoor.

When will Thai, Vietnamese, Chinese, Japanese, and Middle Eastern cuisines discover that a pizza oven is an oven and will heat anything put in it?

And let's not forget the Japanese takes on pizza that involve other sea critters like octupus and squid.

California Kitchen has a pretty good Thai pizza - it has peanut sauce instead of tomato sauce. Sounds weird but is really quite yummy.

By Laughing Stone (not verified) on 28 Aug 2007 #permalink

Strangely, in the UK, the pizza/curry link _has_ been discovered. It's not prevalent in the big chains, but little local take-away places are often combined pizza/curry houses. If you're really lucky they also do a curry pizza, which is well worth the experiment. They also often sell kebabs, and a donner meat pizza is also fantastic. I think donner kebabs are known as gyros in the States, although I'm not sure - they're the thin-slices-of-spiced-lamb kebabs, anyway.

Kevin; that looks like a pretty yummy pizza.
Have you ever been attacked by a whale while eating it? I'm just asking. :)

Fantastic question will, it depends on how you define a whale (ba-dah-ching).

There was this one time though... i don't want to get into. I can still smell the baleen.

I think the ad is a reference to the very popular Korean monster movie, the Host. It's about a big alien-style aquatic mutant that lives in the main river going through Seoul.

I think they call them Cheesy-bites or something like that.

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I'm waiting for Indian restauranteurs to realize a pizza oven has a lot in common with a tandoor.
hey're the thin-slices-of-spiced-lamb kebabs, anyway.