Jellyfish Mood Lamp

So they are not actually real but this might be the next lava lamp. The "tank" contains three somewhat realistic jellyfish that swim about in all of their plastic glory. Six LEDs illuminate the critters and change color in order to "change your mood..." Soon to be available for £25, Zooillogix advises purchasing this ridiculous item but strongly warns against investing in the company that produces it.

i-f3df0da1beaf891f4123e8f9adcf39d6-jellyfish mood tank.jpg

You can pre-order here.

Is being stoned a "mood"???

i-90a566842268fa37b23e7427753d5e0f-jellyfish mood3.jpg

i-378dcc2c9d7750c98d3ae9d7ca2269e4-jellyfish mood tank2.jpg

i-0fea10d4cfb889bc1393798338cbb63b-jellyfish mood tank4.jpg

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Too bad there's no action shots. It's actually kind of tempting...


hah i would love this if i was stoned/.

By Valentine (not verified) on 31 Jan 2008 #permalink

can i buy one

I have one and it is terribly amusing. If you would like to see action shots of these guys go to:, search jelly fish mood lamp

They are a bit stiff but until I can afford a jellyfish tank of my own, they'll have to do.


By nikkiness (not verified) on 06 Mar 2008 #permalink


a huevo!!! para tenerla en la fiesta bien puesto°°°