Guy Gets What He Deserves

We were sent a link to this vid by a promotions guy working for National Geographic hoping we would bring some grass roots attention to a new show they have coming up. Well we will, but only because it's great watching this moron get what he deserves.

Hopefully we will see more of Brady Barr getting bitten in the future on National Geographic's new show, Dangerous Encounters.

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Haaaa ha ha ha! Love it! DOCTOR Brady Barr gets popped but good...deserved it, he did indeed. hee hee heeeeee

By Sven DiMilo (not verified) on 12 Oct 2007 #permalink

Too bad the bites aren't more painful. What a douche.

I like how he handily classifies the species as "BIG PYTHON".
You know, I would actually pay to see a series of this man getting increasingly mauled by nature's finest predators. "Next week on Dangerous Encounters - Brady Barr and the Tank O' Mantis Shrimps TM"

(I like the mantis shrimp plan, Ed)

The funny part is all these nature thrill seekers are ALWAYS shocked and surprised when they get bitten/stung/mauled. ALWAYS.

That's what I've been watching NGC for, all those evenings. Finally... nature strikes back.

een beitje nederlands m'thew? in leuven, mijn naam was de Kreeft!

Just thought you should know assholes. You should be proud to have someone so brave to take on these challenges. It's not like he murdering or keeping them as pets, he's doing test like any other scientist would (just not in a lab behind close doors). How could you be glad that a man got bite by a snake? You all should be ashamed of your selves. I never once heard Australians said one thing bad about Steve Irwin. AMERICANS should be proud to have a man like Dr. Braddy Barr on their team. All haters can FUCK OFF. P.S. I am not an American.

By Dave Clarke (not verified) on 30 Jan 2008 #permalink

Dave - I am intrigued by your ideas and would like to subscribe to your newsletter.

Without these guys then Discovery and National Geo will be showing stuff like "dog whisperer" and "megga structures". Where is the excitment in that? But then you guys must have loved "driving miss daisey". But some of you guys probably like going to zoos. Would you deserve it if the Lion or chimp escapes and you get mauled. I would think so but you may not. I bet some of you like bungie jumping, should the rope pop? What about sky divers? Should the parrachute fail? You are stupid!!