Giant Jellies in Japan Video

A few months back we brought you the story of giant jellies invading Japan. Well on Tuesday, the cutting edge scientific publication known as the Wall Street Journal actually sent a reporter to cover the story. The article is only mildly interesting although I do find it fascinating that they embed this video in the article but still insist on creating little pencil-pointillism portraits of the characters in the story...

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Interesting that when we strip-mine the vertebrate populations the sea then we get overkill in the invert-predator department. Seriously!

I am mesmerized by large jellies like this but I find it interesting that it's the Japanese Fishing industry that's taking the biggest hit with the bloom of these giants. This same pattern is being seen all over the planet.

Dang, am I a downer or what? ;p Cool critters, no doubt! I will always love waching Jellies move.

By arachnophile (not verified) on 29 Nov 2007 #permalink