Drunken Shrimp in Cooking Light

Some of you may be familiar with this dish, but the rest of you are in for a real treat! This Chinese delicacy consists of large shrimp that have been immersed in alcohol, making them more than a little groggy and, undoubtedly, delicious. As you will see in the video below, they are still very much alive when it's time to chow down!

Fun fact: traditional Chinese cuisine was strongly influenced by the research of Josef Mengele!

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I have a great recipe for Drunken Chicken, but I assure you, the chicken is quite dead before it even goes into the oven. I consider myself quite the adventurous eater, but, I doubt I'd even stay at the table long enough to eat a morsel of this delicacy. I'd probably be running out of the restaurant in search of the nearest ocean to dump these poor guys into saying "Fly and be free"!

By PatNewMex (not verified) on 09 Dec 2007 #permalink

No...you throw them in a pot of boiling water and cook them. These morons didn't wait for the cooking pot to come out. I had this dish in Hong Kong back in the 80s.

hmmm...or maybe not. I don't know when this fad of not cooking your shrimp started, but considering the existence of Paragonimus Westermani and other fresh water parasites which live in shellfish, I would strongly recommend cooking crabs and shrimp. I just did a google search and you can too. There are plenty or recipes for drunken shrimp which I am familiar with, but they are always cooked.