Tiger Splash Park - Round II

Zooillogix welcomes you back to our favorite ill-conceived, questionably licensed, death-circus: Tiger Splash Park! Any Arizona state legislators amongst our readers? If so, you might want to put this place to sleep...

Thanks to dedicated reader Judy for making this vid and sending us the link.

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Reminds me of the Sigfried and Roy disaster. The tigers seem to be having fun, at least. It looks like the same kind of games I play with my housecats. Mind you, when my kitties' claws get too close, I get scratches, not disemboweling!

I watched a similar game played at a park in Vallejo, California several years ago. The cats were a mix of tigers and lions, and they played tug-of-war with their people. They seemed to enjoy it.

I particularly enjoy when the tiger just watches the handler jump into the water, and then stares at them like they're crazy.

"Hell no I'm not getting wet. Your stuffed animal is not worth that."

Oh, I've got to get down there and shoot some 3D video before the big tragedy. I wonder how long I've got before the tiger shreds the guy in the water?

I can't decide who's dumber,the Tiger Splash Park rompers or the crab-in-the-ear guy.

I used to visit this place all the time when I was but a wee lad. I loved it then... can't say I do anymore. I believe the park is called 'Out of Africa.' they have a had a few incidents in the past I believe. I haven't been back in a long time.

I wouldn't mind seeing this place closed down.

The Tigers look like they enjoy the games. If they are going to be locked in a cage at least these people are making sure they get some exercise and fun. I don't think the tigers are going to attack the play pal, there's no reason to, as long as they keep capturing their toy.

By Maddy Mattson (not verified) on 15 Mar 2009 #permalink