Order Electrus

Documentary on "new obscure insects" by Floris Kaayk. Was first shown at Paradise by the Laptop Light in 2005. While fascinating, a world infested with these guys would pretty much suck.

Thanks to Maria Haanpaa for forwarding along.

More like this

There is 20 year old spoof on nature documentaries called "Ropaci", to be found on Your Tube. It a "documentary" about animal that evolved to live in open-pit coal strip mining moonscape regions of Northern Bohemia. They can live only in highly smoky areas of the coal pit and industrial installations, feed on sludge, oil and coal tailings. Occasionaly they also graze on polyethylene plastic wrapping protecting the trees saplings bark from being grazed upon by elk - and they can eat your rubber workshoes too, if you leave them unattended at night... There is a scene of the scientific team doing autopsy on a dead specimen (posioned by fresh air) and then attempting to resuscitate an injuered young one - they feed him 92 octane petrol and let him inhale fumes from the car tailpipe.

Too bad its all in Czech, no subtitles on Your Tube. If you are going to watch it I suggest skipping forward to Part 2.