Walking Catfish

After some torrential rain in Pinellas County, Fla, residents were treated to some friendly neighborhood walking catfish. Once again, this was sent to us by Kevin Zelnio who runs an online Viagra store or some such. Interestingly, the link he sent us was from a recent local news broadcast, but a little bit of sleuthing showed that they were just running old CNN footage from YouTube which they tried to pass off as their own. Scoundrels! Reminds me of what we do here everyday...

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I recommend one of the related videos that pops up at the end (also titled 'walking catfish'). It shows about 15 flopping around in a hallway. :o

I wonder if they're any good to eat? That could help save on food bills for people and make them more scarce.

OTOH, I'd LOVE to see a walking catfish, but living in the Boston area, it's not too likely.

By Theodosia (not verified) on 24 Jul 2008 #permalink

I had catfish many times - both in Europe where it is sometimes considered a delicacy and also here in US where it is definitely not (it is one of the cheapest fish sold in supermarkets here in Florida). I always found catfish unpleasantly mud-like tasting, more even muddy than carp. It probably depends also where the fish lives, and how it is prepared (and younger ones have less strong taste) etc. But if they offer you fried catfish in the all-you-can-eat Florida university campus caffeteria, combined with yellow-gray-colored broccoli, go for the hamburgers.