Escaped Rhino Drill in Japan

The Tokyo Zoo is prepared for anything. In this case, they foil the escape attempts of two employees in a giant paper maiche rhino outfit.

(fyi - this video is in fact still available, just blow in it a few times if it gives you trouble)

Via Arbroath via BoingBoing. From the YouTube comments and also pointed out by BoingBoing - Any simple task in Japan requires the effort of tens of aging men dressed in fluorescent jackets and hard hats.

Thanks Bill K.

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And Escaped Rhino Drill is such a good band name...

are you sure this isn't some great new hip tv series over there?

I know working massive amounts of overtime is a strong Japanese tradition, but if employees feel they have to dress up as a rhino to escape from work, something is wrong.

Thanks for the arbroath link. I loved their halloween costume.

Also check out the giant bird eating spider further down the page.

The title reminded me of that horrible early Tintin book, where he goes to the Congo and literally drills a hole in a rhino's back so he can put a stick of dynamite in the animal.

Anyway, glad to see that this post had nothing to do with that.

Ohhhhhhh, I get it.

I read this earlier on BoingBoing and thought they'd randomly inserted the word 'drill,' and that it was just some weird Japanese reality show whose intent was beyond my grasp. Now I get it. They're practicing for when/if one escapes.

Yes, perhaps I should start drinking coffee in the morning after all.