Giant Egg Opens to Reveal....Another Egg Inside!

Students at Shiga high school in Japan were amazed when a chicken of theirs laid a humungous egg which was 8.1 centimeters high and weighed 158 grams (Sorry for the metric measurements. In Fahrenheit, those numbers translate roughly to 14 feet tall and over 2200 lbs.). They were so amazed that they planned on displaying the monster egg. Someone, however, had the idea to cut back some of the shell to see what was inside and lo and behold, they encountered another, medium sized egg! Assistant principal Toshitaka Minami announced the finding to the school last week.

Who wants a whale meat omelette?

Some are speculating that the new egg may contain an even smaller egg, but I don't believe so. I think it's filled with an even larger egg, larger than the original giant egg that started this whole thing. It's called the circle of life; you should read about it some time.

Shout out to David Lin for sending this along!


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This had me laughing..... "It's called the circle of life; you should read about it some time."

This is how Russian dolls reproduce.

By El Christador (not verified) on 07 Nov 2008 #permalink

Wow, chicken reproductive systems must be really stretchy.

Don't you think it's rather wonderful how chickens can make eggs? Quite a masterpiece of packaging!

Cadbury's Creme Eggs need a much larger machine and they don't hatch as little birdies, just as sugary goo.

Go Chickens!

you should check your measurement conversions.. (or was it supposed to be a joke?) Fahrenheit is only a measurement of temperature..and 8.1 cm is not 14 feet and 158 grams is not 2200 lbs.

By 20 ft tall chick (not verified) on 11 Nov 2008 #permalink

Will we ever find out what was inside the second egg?