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Just don't let Elaine draw in your eyebrows. The New York Times has an article profiling the advertising side of ScienceBlogs (you know, the thing that allows Seed to provide us with bandwidth so that we can spew our ivory tower propaganda far and wide). Anyway, they refer to the type of people…
I've got to get back to my meeting, but Cosma just had to distract me with these classic video clips on dissecting the squid giant axon, including movies of one of my personal heroes, JZ Young (pronounced, as everyone knows, as jay-zed), in action. It's beautiful stuff.
After all, he got to have dinner with both Dawkins and Hitchens, at the same time. Simultaneously. Like they were in the same room having a conversation. That would have been an interesting table. Cowan also has video of Dawkins' talk at Kepler's Bookstore—and yeah, P-Zed is mentioned, inducing a…

This is really funny! But I was especially excited about it since my current place of employment has many affiliations with people at the Shedd. I immediately sought out the direct link from to forward to some of my coworkers so we could all be sure to send some sarcastic emails to our friends at the Shedd. It's actually an older article. It's still totally funny, but it deflated my mischievous bubble just a little. It's okay. I still love you guys.

CYA: "The views expressed in this comment are those of its author solely and do not necessarily reflect those of her employer."

(That's supposed to be funny, but it's also sort of what we're supposed to do. Litigious America.)

Shark + Panda = O_o/X_X (I am a ROCKET SCIENTIST):D

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Aquarium Shot Glass collection is vital news your readers have a right to know about it. So now the tally is 33. If you'd like to contribute to my collection's greater glory, check the list