My New Parakeet

I bought a parakeet at a back alley Chinatown apothecary last week. Against the wise but curmudgeonly old shopkeeper's advice, I fed Felicia after midnight and she turned into this:

I believe it's a Barred Eagle-Owl. It ate Mathman.

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I took this pic of my dog Mathman in the vet's office last week just minutes before his neutering. He clearly knew what was in store...

I can't quite tell if you're serious about the new bird or not, but just in case...

CONGRATS!! Parakeets are wonderful pets, from budgies to Alexandrine's, and I'm sure you'll have a blast with her! Assuming, of course, that she's not fictional.

I believe it's a Furby on bird legs ;-)

So cute. Also I love that it looks like it goes into a coma when the petting stops.

That is aMAzing. Thanks so much, Bleimans!
Who knows what language the lady is speaking? I say Japanese, my friend says "No way."

tame cutish animal that should be neither tame nor in captivity = 90% likelihood of it being japanese

Sounds like Spanish or Portugeuse to me.

Sounds like a form of Malay to me.


It's some South American language for sure.

By juggernaut (not verified) on 10 May 2009 #permalink

Shes speaking Thai I think, these birds are found in Thailand and singapor and places like that.

It does look like a bird furby!!

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