Ms. C Has a Thing For Hermit Crabs

Last fall many of you donated via Donor's Choose to one of three school science projects selected by Zooillogix for their direct impact of bringing creepy crawlies into the classroom. Today we have our first thank you from Ms. Daisy C's class in Brooklyn.

i-c2d7b14adb588cdf556b9cc8e4e811db-Kids Doing Something.jpg

In this undated picture, kids in Ms. C's classroom are clearly doing something. The pictures are small and it kind of looks like your dollars bought them plates of dirt to eat, but I assure you that that is not the case. I think they are sifting around looking for grubs (not to eat). Also note the soft insect cage.

We purchased worms, hermit crabs, preying mantis egg cases and the associated supplies. The kids look psyched and it warms Benny and my hearts to think that even one of these little tykes might grow up to be a pretend scientist like us someday.

A note from Ms. C:

"I thank you so much for your help to purchase the exciting animals and supplies for my science program. Your careerist will help educate over 550 student in my science program. I can't wait to add the material into my lessons. Once again, thank you for choosing to help."

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I had a lot of work to do today but I'd just discovered your blog and it made me procrastinate *almost* the whole damn day.


That looks like fun! When I was in the seventh grade, we disected these enormous, soft and squishy locust-type creatures. On that day, our teacher brought in a jar of chocolate-covered grasshoppers. I averted my eyes and my lab partner ate one.

By Mrs. Grackle (not verified) on 08 Apr 2009 #permalink