And It Went Wherever I Did Go

I'm spending tomorrow in a cultic field with Per Vikstrand and a metal detector. So I reckon it were best if we all had a look at the druggiest bit in all of Monty Python first.

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I didn't know you posted home videos on your blog. Anyway, you look great in that blonde wig with the red highlights.

Oh sh*t, it's Mr. Creosote!

Will you be looking for fish?


NLO Army, let me explain something to you.

Calling people faggots and cross-dressers is simply ineffectual as an insult around here. We're largely liberals: we don't have a problem with homosexuality or gender ambiguity. And we're largely old enough to be comfortable with our sexuality: whether straight or gay, we don't feel threatened when someone questions our orientation. I've been practicing mine quite energetically for over 20 years now, and I'm not afraid that someone might suddenly pounce upon me and change it.