I Miss The R.U. Sirius Show

i-4bd73bd14f8b14038bc62bb418247b2a-RUsirius_0.gifThe R.U. Sirius Show is/was a great weekly counterculture podcast that aired 88 episodes until about a year ago. Then it went on unannounced hiatus. I miss the show! Can anybody offer information on what R.U. is up to, and whether he has any plans to recommence his podcasting?

The latest interview with Sirius that I've been able to find dates from February. There he offers no comment on his silence.

Update 10 February '09: In an interview on the Right Where You Are Sitting Now! podcast from June '08, R.U. Sirius explains (about 10 minutes from the file's end) that his podcasting halted because a financial backer withdrew his support.

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I know! I keep hoping a new episode will magically appear in my iTunes. And the same goes for NeoFiles.