Riff-raff at the School for Vampires

i-8588e0031abf0b041f938bc807b22961-lenny.pngI've found out about the spooky cartoon show my daughter watches that I wondered about, the one where one character looks just like Riff-raff in the Rocky Horror Picture Show. It's Die Schule der kleinen Vampire / School for Vampires, a co-production among Germany, Italy and Luxemburg. The Riff-raff look-alike is named Nestor (Lenny in the English version). Explains the show's web site,

Nestor is the heart and soul of the school.

Driver, cook, janitor, secretary, guide, nurse - there is nothing that Nestor can't do.

And he is the only one at the school who was not born a vampire, but was bitten by a vampire...

"He's just a little brought down, because when you knocked, he thought you were the candyman"


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Yeah, that resemblance is very likely more than mere coincidence (even if the janitor at my High School also kinda looked like Riff-raff). I've also noted that the character called "Archibald Oxblood" has a strong resemblance to Nosferatu from the 1922 movie, probably also not coincidental.

Please ignore the sound of high-speed rotations emerging from Bela Lugosi's grave. This new age of sparkling vampires and little vampires going to school has him a little bit upset.

By Phillip IV (not verified) on 03 Aug 2010 #permalink

Ah ... The Rocky Horror Picture Show ... huge when I was out of highschool. Something of a complete subculture. Some people made going to a local showing, and acting it out onstage, complete with water pistols and toast toss, a regular thing. I had friends who went several times a week for most of a year. Some people seemed to pattern their lives after the show and adopt it as something of a personal philosophy. You could do worse. And yes, Riff-raff was my favorite character.

Economic times were sliding into miserable, the oil crunch was a kick in the gut we never quite got over, but the RHPS was an escape and something of a last decadent fling before HIV hammered the lid shut on free love and wild times. Herpes was still quite rare and, for the most part, because birth control was finally reliable, our greatest fears were syphilis and having our hearts broken. Both of which were treatable.

A friend picked up the nurse who gave him the shot to cure his syphilis. One way of making sure he wasn't infected.

Good times ...

Thanks for the 'ah haa' moment Martin.

Art your post made me smile a nostalgic smile. For me Rocky Horror came out while I was still in highscool. The first time I went, I remember my girlfriend brought an umbrella. I asked her what it was for. She said, 'you'll see.' When the rain scene came on. She opened the umbrella and saved us from all the water gun fire. She opened it again during the toast seen and saved us from being pelted in the head with a piece of hard bread. Ahh... good times indeed.