Laptop Has Replaced Umpteen Specialised Devices

Junior's been through an extended period of various lighter ailments that have affected his school attendance record (but not his grades) considerably. I believe this may be partly due to his sedentary lifestyle. He's thin as a rake, like his old man, but also like his old man he's not exactly spending his free time on a rugby court. I need to take him cycling.

My wife worries about the amount of time Junior likes to spend on the computer. I think it's more a question of him not exercising rather than what he does specifically while not exercising. And I've realised that he actually does pretty much what I did as an adolescent in the 80s, but using different tech - all in one box.

  • Watch TV
  • Phone a friend
  • Play games
  • Read
  • Write
  • Listen to music
  • Paint

A young person who divided their time between these pastimes in a more traditional manner would hardly be seen as obsessive or sedentary.


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Do you have a dog? Tie the computer to the dog. Junior will get more exercise!

Even better; tie the computer to a cat. Junior will be trying to catch up with it all day getting lots of exercise of all muscle groups, climbing trees or crawling under furniture.
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