Boardgame Recommendations

There's a scifi convention in my home municipality near Stockholm this weekend: Fantastika 2016. I'm giving a talk on my Medieval castles project, and I'm also on a boardgame recommendations panel. Below is the list I'm bringing: it's a selection of my favourites with an emphasis on the period 2010-2016.

"BGG rank" refers to the Boardgame Geek web site, where lower is better. So the higher the number here, the less conventional the recommendation. To put the rankings in perspective, note that BGG covers tens of thousands of games.

Plato 3000: game design by Sheamus Parkes, art by Steven Bagatzky. Plato 3000: game design by Sheamus Parkes, art by Steven Bagatzky.
Game BGG Rank
7 Wonders (2010) 26
Agricola (2007) 8
Caylus Magna Carta (2007) 498
Death Angel (Space Hulk CG; 2010) 453
Elysium (2015) 236
Glass Road (2013) 163
Innovation (2010) 217
Istanbul (2014) 93
Love Letter (2012) 145
Pandemic (2008) 51
Pergamon (2011) 747
Plato 3000 (2012) 2787
Province (2014) 1699
Samurai (1998) 136
Shogun (2006) 96
Thebes (2007) 298
Tigris & Euphrates (1997) 45
Yggdrasil (2011) 499

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I'm not a player myself, but wanted to get a game as a present for a friend, and I immediately thought of Aadvarchaeology. Sure enough, here's a list of recommendations. Thanks :)

I got Pandemic: The Cure (they didn't have the original, but said good things about The Cure). I haven't played it yet, will post an update when I do.

Sure. I feel like listening to some British rock, and I couldn't ask for a more relevant title. ;)