Welcome to the new folks!

Lots of changes here at Scienceblogs today. The editors of Seed magazine give the lowdown at Stochastic:

Welcome to the new ScienceBlogs! Beginning today, you'll notice a newly designed homepage (built from your feedback) at scienceblogs.com and the addition of 25 new blogs to our network.


We believe in providing our bloggers with the freedom to exercise their own editorial and creative instincts. We do not edit their work and we do not tell them what to write about. We have selected our 40+ bloggers based on their originality, insight, talent, and dedication and how we think they would contribute to the discussion at ScienceBlogs. Our role, as we see it, is to create and continue to improve this forum for discussion, and to ensure that the rich dialogue that takes place at ScienceBlogs resonates outside the blogosphere.

Janet has a rundown of all the new blogs here so I won't repeat her, but I do want to emphasize some that are on my blogroll and are now making the move here; check it out below the fold.

Carl Zimmer, author of The Loom (in addition to a number of excellent articles and books), is now officially a Scienceblogger. His new site can be found here; be sure to check out his introductory post.

Effect Measure has been a daily stop for me in my 'net reading. Now they're going to be housed at this address.

I also link a lot to Mike the Mad Biologist, since he does research on infectious disease (and specifically, antibiotic resistance) and his topics often complement what I write about here. His new digs can be found here.

coturnix is a regular commenter here. Previously the denizen of three blogs (Science and Politics, Circadiana, and The Magic School Bus, he's combined them into the new A Blog Around the Clock. (Check out his sampler here).

Pharmacology guru Abel PharmBoy of Terra Sigillata has new digs that can be found here. He also supplies a background essay for new readers.

Sandra Porter of Discovering Biology in a Digital World and I have a lot in common. She's a fellow microbiologist and molecular biologist and very interested in teaching science to students and the public, so it's great to have her over here. Her new site is here.

John Wilkins of Evolving Thoughts who I've "known" for awhile our involvement with the Panda's Thumb, has added to our philosopher of science ranks with his new blog here.

I can't recall if I've mentioned Matthew Nisbet's Framing Science blog here or not, but it's been in my blogroll for awhile. It's an interesting blog looking at the political issues in defining science, not only by actual politicians but also the media and scientists as well. The new blog is here.

I *have* mentioned Mark's Good Math, Bad Math site before. A fairly new blog, Mark's already addressed "intelligent design" (and mathematical errors therein) several times, and has also written about mathematical modelling and many other topics that apply to my interests. His new site is here.

Neurotopia is a neuroscience blog written by a friend of mine, and as such, one I've also been reading for many moons now. "Evil monkey"'s new cage can be found here.

Mike Dunford (of The Questionable Authority) is another scientist I've known via Panda's Thumb. We've had a similar blog trajectory: start out at PT, set up own blog to write about a wider range of issues, end up here at Scienceblogs. His new blog is here; intro post here.

Nick Anthis of The Scientific Activist started blogging with a splash, blowing the lid off the George Deutsch debacle shortly after starting his blog. His new site is here; intro post here.

Finally, a few that weren't officially on my blogroll, but should have been 'cause I read them:

The Examining Room of Dr. Charles was one of the early medical blogs I found (probably via Grand Rounds) and I hadn't even realized wasn't on my blogroll. His new digs are here; watch out for those boxes.

The Island of Doubt I also thought was on ye olde 'roll, but apparently isn't. That will be corrected when I get around to updating. New site is here.

Finally finally, do note that there are other new blogs in addition to those I mention above. In addition to Neurotopia, there are several other neuroscience blogs joining us (who knew there were so many neuroscience blogs?), and several other interesting additions that I simply haven't checked out yet. Overall, it looks like a good group, and I'm excited about all the new folks. Seed has also updated the Scienceblogs homepage if you've not checked that out yet. I think there are still a few glitches, but that's how it stands for now. You can find links to the entire list of bloggers there, as well as new posts by time ("last 24 hours") and categories.

Sooo---welcome to the new bloggers! (And I must say, so many of you already have kick-ass banners...I'm quite impressed). I hope regular readers will give ones that are unfamiliar a look-see.


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