Budget Bubbles for Tax Day


This chart shows where your federal tax dollars go, based on Feb 2008 budget numbers (note: this shows discretionary budget, or appropriations, only - go here for more details, or look at the inset in the lower right corner to see where the other two-thirds of the budget are).

Visit wallstats.com for a giant version.

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Huh. It's fascinating, but I don't see DOD science spending on here. I presume that it would be a branch of the Army (because that is where the money comes from). Any thoughts?

HH, the chart is definitely not designed to make that obvious. I got an answer for you from someone more knowledgeable:

"On that chart it's located in a bunch of places... For starters each branch has an "RDT&E" section. That includes all the major test and evaluation for new weapons systems, but it also includes DOD sponsored research at universities and the basic stuff happening in-house. DARPA's got its own bubble as well. I'm not sure where the health stuff that DOD funds is, though. That program is called DOD Congressionally Directed Medical Research Programs (CDMRP)."