But. . . besides money and science, what else is there?


This appears to be from a graphic novel called The Unknown. But I happen to think it's the ultimate all-purpose illustration for every discussion of science policy ever.

I want it on a T-shirt!

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This caused me to come up with a new and slightly modified version of the netgoth essentials, and splorf.

(And Toaster: Yeah, we are not alone :)

I don't read "comics" like I did as a kid, but once in a long time I check out of the library some Asterix when I feel I need I need something silly to cheer me up. I read the strips in the paper, of course, esp. Far Side, Peanuts and when it was running, New Zealand's own Footrot Flats.

One cartoonist whose work I love is Mordillo. (At least the older work I remember.) I used to have several large posters of his in my room as a Ph.D. student. They're long gone; I'd buy some to replace them, but I doubt any are available in New Zealand. I still have a few books of his work, but I prefer the larger scale of the posters. For those who haven't seen them, his work has a very sweet humour that pokes fun at life.

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