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Morgan Care Pharmacy on P St. in Georgetown has all the character so sorely lacking from new drugstore franchises. Drugstores used to be so different: as a child, I savored root beer floats at our local drugstore soda fountain counter. (I know, very Norman Rockwell of me.) Are there any pharmacy soda fountain/luncheonette counters left today?


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They were already well on their way out the door in the early 80's where I grew up; the only one I recall seeing was destroyed when Woolworth's went bankrupt. Much of the service (if not the community) provided by the old soda fountains has been replaced by fast food chains and diners.

Interestingly, a new pharmacy has opened up here in town that gains character by going the other way: Instead of being a giant convenience store, it's nothing abut a dispenser's counter and a lounge with comfortable chairs. They are also the only compounding pharmacy in town.

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The only classic pharmacy I've ever seen was in Florence, Italy and I suspect it's still like this for the tourists. Not that they are all appreciative. While peeking in their window on a Sunday I overheard an American complaining to her companion that all the shops are closed!

Newtons Pharmacy in Russellville, Arkansas.

Has a fine soda counter, where a Soda is mixed on the spot from syrup and soda water from a tap with a needle jet blast, or a slow, bubbly flow.

Also a fine candy selection, and some lunch items, soups and sandwiches.