Anatomy ballgowns, and more

Isis the Laboratory Goddess sent me a Buzzfeed link featuring this incredible anatomical gown:


The artist/seamstress deserves credit for what appears to be an incredibly elaborate embroidered stiff satin gown that, on different panels, depicts circulatory, skeletal, muscular and pulmonary systems. Wow. I can't figure out who made it, so if you know the original source, please email me the link so I can update the post with the creator's information Mystery solved! The photo is by miyake juin, from a Fashion Week event at Shih Chien University. The gown's designer is Chinese; I direct you to the flickr photo for his/her proper name, since attempts at translation aren't very helpful. Many thanks to Mlle Ghoul, who solved the mystery last night on her tumblr (with the investigatory assistance of thedoppelganger.)

Anyway, while looking around to find more inf this tour de force, I uncovered another haute couture gown inspired by anatomy. . .

Here's the Day of the Dead inspired "Catrina" line from Fall/Winter 2010, by Givenchy. According the the press release, "subtle skeletons of lace are encrusted on blush catsuits layered under light silk tulle dresses."


Wow. That's not really what I would call "subtle", but it's certainly striking.

Then there's this beating-heart open ribcage dress by artist Anouk Wipprecht (recently featured on Coilhouse). Wipprecht specializes in interactive dresses that do unexpected things - like painting themselves while being worn. In this video, which was unfortunately filmed largely sideways and not reoriented for YouTube, you can still see the creepy "beating heart" effect of one dress in her "Fragilis" collection, and the "lit veins" effect of the other:

Since these gowns are most likely well out of a med student Cinderella's price range, there's always Street Anatomy's wardrobe roundups - the point of contact for skull motif patterned sweaters and ribcage bodysuits. No, they're not couture, but they might raise a few eyebrows anyway. Especially if you wore them to a ball.

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