STSers know how to make academia freaking creepy

At the moment, a few blocks away, a few of my friends are attending a Science and Technology Studies (STS) conference at the Harvard Kennedy School. I have no idea what they're doing, although I'm sure it's very smart. I'm only here to tell you they have THE CREEPIEST POSTER I have ever seen for an academic conference:


I'm just saying, STS is definitely humanities, not science. (Now I have to run away before my boyfriend retaliates). When did you last attend a scientific conference with a vintage, artsy, creepy poster by the last surviving member of the Bauhaus? Nice work, Alex Wellerstein.

Poster art: Herbert Bayer, The Lonely Metropolitan, 1932. And here is the requisite Pan's Labyrinth reference, with more details on Bayer. :)
Poster design: Alex Wellerstein, Harvard University.

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